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  • shopview_install

    Install / uninstall apk.

  • shopview_update

    OTA update.

  • shopview_model

    Show detail static info of device such as model name, android version, build number.

  • shopview_ip

    Show detail dynamic info of device such as IP, memory usage, ring volume.

  • shopview_setting

    Setting device configuration by group setting or each one.

  • shopview_update-1

    Install / Update application on multiple devices.

  • shopview_files

    Upload files to multiple devices.

  • shopview_usb

    Enable / Disable USB storage access on multiple devices.

  • shopview_fullscreen

    Enable full screen mode.

  • shopview_multiple

    Active device by import multiple S / N.

  • shopview_lock

    Remote lock / reboot device.

  • shopview_control

    Remote control for each device.(Like Teamviewer)

  • shopview_provide

    Provide Customization application by project.

  • shopview_language

    Multi-language supported.



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